Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's this, a new painting?!

After nearly a year hiatus I'm back at the easel. A very busy school year and an adorable new daughter have kept me busier than ever before so unfortunately my painting had to be put on hold. I got my guitar back out to help fill the void but I've been dying to paint again. Its an odd thing, being an artist. After not painting for awhile I'm almost wary of starting again unless I know I'll be able to paint frequently. Thats why I can't paint during the semester because its too hard for me to start and stop randomly, with weeks going between sessions. The initial "withdrawal" is the worst, then it becomes a dull ache for time and finally builds back up again until I can't take it anymore. Finally I'm back in the mindset and have some time to paint again, though not as much as last summer.

I painted this today while little L took a nap :) It took me about 2 hours looking out the back window of our apartment for a wanna be 'plein air' piece. My approach was a quick and simple landscape with a limited palette. I ended up using more colors than I hoped but its a start. The sheep weren't very cooperative models so I had to hurriedly block them in at the start. I was really happy with it at that point and slightly less happy with the end result but oh well it was great just to push some paint around again and get the warm up out of the way. The lighting also complicated things because it started out overcast but the sun came out towards the end so the painting is a confusing in-between. Yet I'm still happy with the result and I've known I had to paint this since we moved in last August. I picked up more canvases today so look forward to much more soon ...if anyone still reads this blog!

'Backyard Sheep'
8x10" Oil on Canvas board
May 26, 2011

Oh and this reminded me a lot of this prior painting from three years ago...

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  1. I was showing the kids your stuff, and they were excited to see the lambies!! I'm glad you keep painting - even if it's not as often as would be nice. We are big fans :)